Why not manslaughter?

For over two decades, RoadPeace has campaigned for manslaughter to apply to all culpable road deaths.  We have argued, that at a minimum—even by CPS’s own standards, the charge of manslaughter  should apply to deaths caused by racing or competitive driving, callous behaviour and driving grossly over the speed limits.

Today on BBC Radio 4 two bereaved family members, who have lost loved ones due to these exact actions, discussed their thoughts on the justice system, Death by Dangerous Driving, Manslaughter and the changes they hope to see in the system that failed them.

On August 12, 2015 Darrell Martin lost his brother Lee Martin.  At the time of his death, Lee was participating in an organised cycling event when he was struck and killed by Christopher Gard; he was texting while driving.   Six weeks before striking and killing Martin, Gard had been convicted of using his phone whilst driving; this was his 8th conviction for the same actions and negligent behaviour.

On July 13, 2015 Major Richard Gilbey lost his 25 year old son, James Gilbey.  James was crossing the road when he was struck and killed by two men who were racing through the streets at speeds in excess of 75mph.  After killing James, Majid Malik and Kaiz Mahmood left the scene to dispose of any evidence linking them to his death.

Both of these tragic stories demonstrate the need for change in order to reduce the loss of lives that occur unnecessarily on the streets of England every day.

At RoadPeace we endeavour to reduce deaths and ongoing trauma that both of these families have incurred.  Our deepest condolences to both the Martin and Gilbey families.

You can listen to the interview here.

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